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Virginia Power Kites is an online kiteboarding store currently providing professional PASA certified kiteboarding lessons and camps in the Virginia Beach area and selling gear from RRD, Crazyfly, HQ Powerkites, and Ozone.  We offer free shipping in the United States for all of our products over $100. Please contact us at or at 434-848-5720 to set up a lesson. Lessons are available from mid-July to August 31st. 


Kiteboarding Lessons

We are a kiteboarding school offering PASA certified kiteboarding lessons every July through the end of August in the Virginia Beach area.  You receive a free ebook on kitesurfing, kitesurfing gear, kitesurfing innovations, and kitesurfing theory with the purchase of our lesson or camps.

Kiteboarding Kites

Kiteboarding kites from Cabrinha, RRD, Ozone, HQ Powerkites, and Crazyfly

Kiteboarding Books and Ebooks

We have an Ebook on Kiteboarding and Power Kiting as well as The World's Kite and Windsurfing Guide with professional input on the world's most famous kitesurfing and windsurfing spots! Receive free updates on our ebook!